Improve your People performance, supported by our Agile methods of intervention and our proven experience in the field.
Get qualified and effective help, when you have urgent issues in
managing your staff, locally or internationally.

HR Departments have
increasingly tough targets.

  • How to show the pertinence and trustworthiness of their advice?
  • How to optimize their organizations, and simplify their processes?
  • Why take on new and unknown tasks, taking excessive risk?

The role itself of
HR is changing.

  • Digital transformation/artificial intelligence
  • New ways of working and leading through others
  • Blurring of professional roles and skills

Sometimes HR get stuck!

Sometimes a crisis or an urgent problem makes your HR unable to do it all by themselves.

Newind can “HR Doctor” in these situations, diagnosing the problem, finding effective
cures, proposing interim solutions, identifying resources, proposing the right choices
and bringing the Company to the new point of stability.

Our method of intervention is built on the agile approach and is adaptable to each specific situation.