For small and big companies and institutions, Newind is a One-stop shop Human Resources Partner for Organizational Transformation.
We ensure a successful change, minimizing the pain and maximizing the self-sustainable outcomes.

Stop Down-sizing, start Smart-sizing!

Minimize the pain, optimize the gain.

Frode Hvaring, Newind Co-Founder
walks you through the benefits of Smart-sizing,
enabling CEOs and Heads of HR
to stay focused during Change

Change with less pain

We provide diagnostics and decision tools, assist top management in defining a concrete plan, and
ensure its execution towards allocated
resources, quality needs and timeliness.

We intervene on behalf of top management,
within and outside of the organization

We facilitate choices and help to avoid
dead-end situations

Diligence through external experts

We assess the situation wholly, based on our rich experience of both Smart-sizings and of many economic sectors

We set the pace, and keep it! We are able to offer alternative solutions to talented but unfit staff.

We identify the key drivers, both positive
and negative

Protecting Management’s image

We finalize and stabilize the change, ensuring that all new processes and services are well functioning before the end of each mandate.

We deliver the change and can take ownership of the weight of ambiguous or difficult communications and decisions

We support a concrete communication plan with identified key staff and stakeholders